Insulin Resistance Calculator

W8MD Insulin Resistance Calculator

Affecting about 1/3rd of the US population, insulin resistance is very common and leads to central obesity or belly fat. Also called insulin resistance syndrome, this condition increases inflammation in the body leading to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and many other disorders including some cancers. However, the diagnosis of insulin resistance is fairly simple. Place a check against any item that applies to you below to see if you might be at risk:

Do you have a history of diabetes, or prediabetes? Yes No
Do you crave sugary or starchy foods frequently or feel you are addicted to carbohydrates? Yes No
Is it difficult for you to lose weight, especially around your middle? Yes No
Is your waist over 36 inches in women or 40 inches in men? Yes No
Have you ever experienced skin tags or acanthosis skin changes on your neck or armpits or underneath your breasts? Yes No
Do you experience shakiness, difficulty thinking, or headaches (often in the afternoon) that go away after you eat? Yes No
Are you ten pounds or more over what from “ideal” weight? Yes No
Do you exercise fewer than two times per week? Yes No
Do you have high blood pressure? Yes No
Do you have high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol? Yes No

A score of 3 or More is Indicative of Insulin Resistance!

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you are likely insulin resistant.  The more yes answers you gave, the more likely you are to have insulin resistance and the greater your risk is of developing health problems, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Since insulin resistance leads to central adiposity leading to metabolic syndrome with increased health risk, reducing insulin resistance is the key. You do not have to be overweight or obese to be insulin resistant. Even people with a BMI in the normal range can have insulin resistance! We may be able to help.  Call us today at 215-676-2334 to find a W8MD location closest to you and to setup consultation with one of our well trained Bariatric Medicine Physicians to reduce your insulin resistance!

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FANTASTIC program! Truly a life changer! The first several months I lost on average 3 pounds a week. I have now lost 87 pounds in 10 months and I'm still losing! I can say it feels almost effortless, for with the elimination of most carbs plus the medication I have ZERO cravings and minimal hunger.
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I’ve been going to Dr. Tumpati at the King of Prussia location for about 9 months and have lost 150 pounds*. I was at a point where my weight was affecting my life and health, ignoring it was no longer an option. I wanted to lose weight safely, but effectively, yet most people said it was impossible. It was time to hire a professional.
Dawn V.


Dr. Tumpati is very attentive to my weight concerns. Since May I have lost 40 pounds!!! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I thought I would have a very difficult time losing weight. With regular appointments, calorie control, food, and medical supervision I was able to tackle the extra inches and pounds. I am now a size 4!!!! I highly recommend Dr. Tumpati. He is very knowledgeable and he is patient.
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Fantastic Program. Truly a life changer. - Lost 100 lbs*

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