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Accept most insurances

Weight loss phase

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Meal replacements - $2.15/meal

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Accept most insurances

W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program Phases

W8MD Weight Loss Orientation

In this phase, you will be provided with the information about the weight loss program, answer any questions, tour our facility, get brochures, free body composition report (available in select centers) and sample our meal replacement plan if desired. This phase is free of charge and without any obligations. Anybody can walk into one of our weight loss facilities during normal business hours and have their questions answered.

W8MD Weight Loss Physician Consultation

Once you decide to see one of the W8MD weight loss physicians, you will be provided with papers to fill out (or use one of our electronic pads to do the same), asking questions about your eating habits, exercise habits, goals for weight loss, prior attempts at weight loss, medications, sleep habits, medical history etc. so that the physician will have a thorough understanding of your health history.


W8MD weight loss program locations!

New York

Brooklyn NY


NE Philadelphia

Pennsylvania - King Of Prussia



Coming Soon - Cherry Hill NJ

W8MD Cherry Hill NJ

Fantastic Program. Truly a life changer. - Lost 100 lbs*

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